Little Black Dresses


Coco Chanel once said, “The little black dress is a uniform for all women of taste”. Her belief in the little black dress continues to be the momentum behind each design and cut for this closet staple. When it comes to choosing the perfect little black dress, it is important to remember that it is not a one-size-fits all dress.

There are different styles of little black dresses available in the market today because the dress must flatter your body and personal tastes. With the wide range of choices it is often a challenge to choose the right style for you. The key to picking a perfect little black dress is to know your body type and what style flatters your figure. We’ve compiled a list of the most common body types and the best little black dress styles to put on them.

Pear shape

If you have a pear-shaped body, your backside and hips are wider than your shoulders. Generally, you also have a smaller bust line. If you are looking for a little black dress that flatters your body type, choose a halter style dress. This style of dress creates a more balanced look by showing off your shoulders. When you wear a halter black dress, your hips will seems smaller and proportionate to the rest of your body shape. Avoid dresses made of flimsy fabrics.


For petite body, the ideal little black dress for you is the sheath dress. The elongated and clean shape of the sheath dress gives your body the illusion of appearing more lean and tall. Ensure that the dress hits above your knees, as this creates an illusion of longer legs. If you want to go for texture or prints on your dress, choose vertical designs to keep your look fluid. Remember to avoid large details such as ruffles because they have a tendency to overpower your demure stature.

Apple shape

The challenge of having an apple body type is the lack of a defined waist line, so the perfect little black dress for you would be an empire waisted style or design that gives you a waist such as shirred dresses (dresses with gathers at the waist). The gathering pulls your waist in and makes it appear slimmer than the rest of your body. Another dress style that flatters your body type is the fit and flare dresses or skater dresses. The skirt helps put the illusion of curves in your lower body, while the top portion accentuates your bodice and bustline.


When you have a curvy body type, the little black dress becomes akin to a best friend because the color black is naturally slimming. Choose a V-neck dress that emphasizes your middle, ensuring that you draw the eye downward, which in turn makes your waist look more narrow. A wrap dress or a sheath dress is the ideal little black dress for a woman with a curvy body type or a little black dress with waist cinching detail. The hemline of the dress should be either slightly above the knee or right below the knee.

Figure out what your favorite assets are and emphasize them with a little black dress. For example, if you love your legs, wear a short little black dress. However, if you would rather not show your legs off, wear a black dress that is long and flowy or midi length. As you can see, no matter what your body type, you are still able to enjoy the effortless elegance of a little black dress.